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"I am so grateful to SRC for helping us figure out the best locations for our warehouses. We were able to reduce our shipping costs by 8%, while cutting average delivery times by more than a day.”
- - John B,
     Truck Equipment Manufacturer

Logistics Consulting & Training

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The SRC Professional Logistics consulting team includes former directors and senior level managers with formal training and years of practical experience across a wide range of industries.

We focus on developing workable solutions to the challenges faced by our clients. Our consultants spend hours keeping up on the latest best practices. When working with outside parties we serve as your advocate, providing you with the expertise and information and credibility you need.

Small engagements are done hourly or on a flat fee. Larger engagements are done by contract with clear goals and project timeline.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Transportation Rate & Contract Negotiation

  • Fleet Management

  • Logistics Strategy

  • Warehouse/DC Operations

  • Plant & Warehouse Site Selection

  • Warehouse and DC Facility Layout

  • Logistics Technology

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